In the past, a very long time ago, Tutapuarii, one of the chiefs of Havai, today known as RAIATEA, had a girl named Hotuhiva. Hotuhiva’s mother belonged to the lineage of Matairea chiefs. Since her early childhood, Hotuhiva had Teaonuimaruia as playmate, a boy of her age. As time went by, Hotuhiva and Teaonuimaruia fell in love, but this was hopeless love as the young man did not belong to the chiefs’ lineage. In spite of this, the young lovers gave themselves one to another. Teaonuimaruia gave a necklace to Hotuhiva as a token of his love for her.

Tutapuarii left Matairea for Havai, taking his wife and daughter with him. Hotuhiva withered and became ill. Traditional health practitioners were summoned to heal the young girl but to no avail. Her father, who understood that his daughter had been deeply sad since her separation from Teaonuimaruia, put her on board a great sacred drum called “pahu nui”.

When the wind “Toerauroa” picked up, Tutapuarii pushed the craft into the sea and put the fate of Hotuhiva into the gods’ hands.

She arrived at a Point, on the coast of Maeva. She was exhausted, and since then, the Point name has been “Manunu”.

As he had been alerted that a very beautiful woman had arrived thanks to the noise of the stones Hotuhiva had laid under her feet, Maeva’s district Chief sent two warriors to go and get that stranger. The two warriors started looking for that stranger and found a beautiful young lady who has just arrived on their island on a big drum. When they invited her to follow them, Hotuhiva refused! The warriors caught her and tore her necklace off.

In front of the beauty of Hotuhiva, the Chief of Maeva fell for her charm, but because of the love she had for another man, Hotuhiva was abused by him an exposed to the sight of the population.

When Teaonuimaruia found the necklace he had given to Hotuhiva, he looked for her, found her and had a ruthless fight with Maeva’s district Chief. And he set Hotuhiva free.

Theme author:  Armandine MANARII