When a tree has fallen, the word hià tis used o describe this state. One of the explanations is that its seat, who has become too unstable, has given way under its weight. Huritumu describes the situation in which something had been turned over until it was founded. Speaking of a tree, this signifies that it had been eradicated in its entirety and finds itself detached from its seat Thus, the root system of a tree has lost all contact with the earth. These two terms designate two very distinct situations but with an identical result: the tree is on the ground with roots now exposed, partly for one and entirely for the other. These two patterns may well illustrate the current situation of the Mā’ohi. Can we consider the Māohi as closer to a tree that has fallen or to an uprooted tree, knowing that in both cases, it is the very essence that lies? Initially, the Māohi culture was one: a varied, coherent and homogenous whole. Henceforth, it is only with the unification of this group that we can identify ourselves as Māohi. So the stable sitting of yesteryear is no longer a quagmire since the Māohi has come to ask, what am I?
The previous points describe some points on which the theme is based: the story of this people who loses contact with its roots, the story of this people who don’t associate or hardly associate with their roots and who questions the meaning of their lives, to end on a question: what will happen to this people if they are slow to realize the magnitude of the situation that they find themselves in?
Our theme also is a warning addressed to the parents, as well as, the new generations. We have arrived to a point of transition where the parents, grandparents (great grandparents) today are the last roots of this people; once they will disappear, an entire cultural knowledge will disappear with them. If, however, our roots disappear without passing on their knowledge, what will become of this new generation: a generation without roots? A quote reminds us that « if the country is doing well, its people will also be well ». If we regularly return to nature to cure our pains, will this people in return heal the pains of their country to be renewed?

Theme author: Tane RAAPOTO