THEME: ‘Ātimaono, the Teva’s forgotten one

The dominant mountain is MO’AROA,

PAEPAETEITEI is the gathering place,

The promontory towards the sea is the PAPAREVA point,

The privileged place of Princess TE-TUA-RAE-NUI-TE-UPO’O-O-TEVA also called FAREAHU and TERIITAHI,

In its prolongation extends the TE AVA RA’A pass, the entry point for small boats.

I stand on the border of the name PU’ATI’A and I observe the extent of the land VAIARI ITI that is offered to me.

RA’ITAPU is the Marae of the land TE ‘AVARO, while in FARERI’I it is the one of RUARA’AMEA, like an overabundant fortress that stands on the land of TIHI’URA.

Political power is held by TERI’IFA’ATAU (leader) and TERI’I-ITI-‘AU’IU’I (deputy leader),

They are accompanied in their duties by TAUATEA their messenger.

TE HIRA’A RUPO is the name of the house of “Arioi” and its leader is called RUPO. FAREPU’A is the Marae of the land of TO’AHITI.

One of the maritime territories (sea) is TE TAI ‘AHEHE,

While the land subject to “Rahui” (restriction) is PORITEA and NANA-I-TE-RA’I-TOPI-TOPA is the name of the FA’ATI’A-I-TAHITI pirogue paddle.

A fish park is located on it, it is called ‘AU’A’A-TE-HOPU and TAMATOA is the owner.

HITI-E-MAHANA is the great house that centralizes political power and stands on the ground TE IRIIRI.

The favorite place of the (Pira’e) terns is the crest of the name TE FA’AHEIMANU,

Caressed by the “hupe” of the TA’APUA valley.

The famous warrior platform is TE MUHU O TEVA and the big boundary that borders the neighboring chieftain MATAIEA is TE ATA E PUTA.

Theme author: Mike Ariipeu Teiho TEISSIER