From “Vaipi’ihoro” to the East, you stretch out to “Ra’iāmanu” in the West. Mount “Uranui i te ra’iatea” stands to the west of the stone “Ra’iāmanu” which is on the site called “Tahara’a”, then continues limiting the land “Ha’apape” through the “Moana fa’aō” pass and the “To’ahuripapa” rock. Thus “Ha’avai”, then “Ha’apape” and finally “‘Ūporu” were the names of this land. We are in the valley of “Tua’uru” on the site named today “Tūtia”.

This is the story of a heroine named “Hina”.

Who is this heroine “Hina”? It seems that it is “Tehohotauniua”, at the time of her separation from the hero “Roanu’u”. It is not useful to use pride and arrogance, it will only foreshadow sadness and evil, such is the thought of Tehohotauniua. So she decided to go to the cave to meet Roanu’u’s mother. She heard so much about this “lady” Ūtari “. They met and exchanged a few words:

–          “You shall go to the hill on the side of the rising sun, and give an animal offering to the god of the creation of heaven and earth. ”

It was then that Tehohotauniua went in search of a little suckling pig, which she gave as an offering on an altar built with branches of “pūrau” and stones of the river. This is how we heard a lot about Tehohotauniua all over the island of Tahiti.

All the chiefs of the districts of Tahiti feared her. So they decided to get together to join forces and find a way to fight this heroine, because there was no question for them having a woman in power. A meeting of great importance was organized in the valley of the “Fautau’a”, under the big iron tree of the district of “Pare nui” which was also called “Opuhivava”. After this time of gathering, they decided to go to the Tua’uru Valley to fight Tehohotauniua. But, Tehohotauniua dreamed and saw all that was coming. It was then that she sent the inhabitants of Mahina to the valley of “Tua’uru”, to cut all the plantain banana trees of the mountains to plant them on the hill, which overlooks the site “Tūtia”, to gather all the fruits of the bread tree of ” Ūtari ” and all the coconuts, in order to make fake men.

The day came when the district chiefs and their armies met at Mahina.

There were just a few real men in this group of fake men. Except that when they moved, it seemed like there were a lot of people. Then the leaders became frightened and returned to their shelters. And yes, lady “Tehohotauniua” endowed with incredible intelligence won her fight against the district chiefs, without even fighting.

It is partly thanks to her lost love “Roanu’u” that Tehohotauniua managed to implement her attack.

Theme author: Poema ROCHETTE