The island of Tahiti was also called “the great fish” because it was known to possess just about everywhere magic stones for fish.

Among these stones was an ancient one named Pärutu. It was laid on a large marae very frequented by fishermen, in the district of Päèa. At the time, the high priests used it to lure tunas into the land during the fish season. Enticed by the waves of the rock, tunas of all sorts were driven towards Rua-te-toà, the tuna hole, where the population of Päèa could sate their appetite at will with yellowfin tuna “pererau”, white tuna “Tarià”, bigeye tuna “Tätumu” and bluefin tuna “rarahi”.

It is a stone, a well of life from God, offered to the people of Päèa. It is a great legacy for a secure future.