In most of Polynesian societies, women have always had a major, crucial role.

They were a source of wealth and balance, but also the first teachers of traditions and culture.

Even though the arrival of the missionaries and explorers has westernized the view about women and their role of in Polynesia, they still have kept in their genes traits of character and resemblance to their ancestors, such as strength, determination, spirit of sacrifice, the importance of the family, to cite just a few examples.

French Polynesian women and men are the pillars of this society.

Yet, it cannot be denied that in our modern times, values are being lost, especially respect: for the elders, for culture, for traditions and most of all, for women…

If we want to preserve our identity, we must protect and honour those who carry us in their wombs so they can continue to be the guardians and first teachers of our history, for our future and the future of our children!


Theme author: Sandrine, Mareva BRUNEL