THEME : Let us not forget about the law of hospitality

In the past, lived a king who enacted laws,
Laws based upon a teaching on the laws of God his fathers passed onto him.
His name was Tetuna’e.
These laws existed to be tought to his people.
These laws we call « law. »
They have been established on well-being, peace, and wisdom
The image of the family home is none other than our entrails.
Our breath of life is none other than our subconscious.
If the mind and the heart do not unite,
The word cannot make itself heard.
What my mouth says is the will of my mind, my heart and then my mouth.
The law that we retain today is: Haere mai Tama’a

Is it the mouth that is calling out?
Is it the heart?
Is it the spirit?
Or the whole, the mouth, spirit, and heart?
That is what Ahutoru nui will reveal to you.