THEME: The quarrel of reconcilation

The title of this theme is: “From quarrel to reconciliation”. It tells a fictitious narrative about the Polynesian cosmogony. We can find some known characters such as the Creator God Ta’aroa, the goddesses Hina-nui-i-te-mārama and Hina-nui-i-te-pō, the God of beauty, Tāne…

The story deals with the quarrel between two sisters. Both of them were born to the same father, Ta’aroa the Creator God, and the same mother, Atea-Nui (the Vast Expanse). Both of them embody sheer beauty and elegance. However, one excelled in oratory art and the other in the making of tapa.

The older sister would charm the gods with her beautiful words of praise in order to draw attention towards her alone… She had the look of a middle-aged lady with inflexible character… And her disdainful attitude was worsened by her wearing countless shiny jewels.

The little sister, on the other hand, would seduce the gods with her dedication to working and securing the welfare of everyone. Oozing with humility and innocence, in the eyes of everyone she appeared as a gentle and elegant young girl with scarlet complexion. This is the reason why Hina-nui-i-te-mārama would take the appearance of a young girl.

This story then tells us about the frictions between sisters, which, at one stage, take an unexpected and surprising turn. Out of the quarrel, the bond of love and reconciliation grows up. The fraternal bond reaches out… The mutual attachment gets stronger… The love between two beings is confirmed… Universal love is impossible to destroy…