THEME: The origin of Pūna’auia name

Temuri, fisherman, handsome young man from Fautau’a, fell in love with a beautiful princess from Fa’a’a who went by the name Pere i tai. However, an ancestral law forbade this union because these two young people were not from the same lineage. Temuri was one of the people, whereas Pere i tai was one of royal ranking. Nevertheless, these two lovers saw each other discretely. Pere i tai was introduced to princes to help her change her mind, but she always refused.

During a meeting that they organized, they decided to leave to Tautira to live their love for another freely. Yet, all of a sudden, the « tahu’a » of Maheanu’u, king of Fa’a’a, father of Pere i tai, was present and heard everything. When his daughter left, he killed Temuri. Later, Pere i tai knew that Temuri has been killed. She suffered so much that she fainted. The parents tried to calm her suffering, however without any success.