Theme: Tāfa’i of flesh and blood

Hina made a promise to her second son, named Hema, originating from Te Ao, the world of human beings. So he went to the spring Vai-te-marama and, married his wife, a goddess originating from Te Pō, the world of ancestors, spirits and gods. Her name was Hina-Tahutahu. But alas, they had a stillborn baby who had died in her placenta. This must be a curse, Hina-Tahutahu thought. Couldn’t the people from Te Ao unite with those from Te Pō? She was very resentful and bitter against her husband with inferior power and against this hostile human world. Nevertheless, the supernatural ancestors brought the child back to life, in the form of a skinless being who only had flesh, and therefore was named “red-fleshed Tāfa’i”. Since that moment, he got special powers and created his life as a hero. While he was young, the hero named Tāfa’i excelled in competitive games in particular. This created jealousy among his older cousins, who killed and buried him, making Hina-tahutahu very angry. Ashamed and offended, Hema became outraged against Hina-tahutahu’s resentment and against the cousins. He backed out discreetly to Mount ‘Ā’ā’ura and prayed in order for Tāfa’i’s life to be spared against his own life. But he did not have enough time to kill himself. He was abducted and abused by the evil spirits Matua-uru in Te Pō. Time went by, and as the love for parents never fades away, Tāfa’i started to wonder. The idea to go and look for this father in Te Pō occurred to him. Will he find Hema there? Is he really dead? Will he be able to bring him back to life? Will he be ready to seek revenge against Te Pō? Will he have to fight against the people from Te Pō? Will he make it and come back to Te Ao, the world of humans, along with his father?