Singing is a unique way of illuminating the link between the past and the present. The link: This is the theme that the Natiara group has chosen to develop through its three traditional songs: tärava raromatai, hïmene rü’au, and ‘ütë paripari.

The link, a broad theme considered from various angles. A link is made when a connection is established between two or more persons, between two peoples or two communities. Through its tärava raromata’i, the group returns to the genesis of the world. When he created the earth, the supreme founder installed man there. Thus, a first connection was established between man and his creator. By placing man and woman on this earth, as stewards, a pure bond was born between them, making them procreators, source of life.

Thus, by becoming the steward of this creation, the man was naturally bound to his environment. Our beautiful country is made up of multiple islands. Despite their distance, a strong bond unites them, the sparkling crown with the delicate scents. Placed in the Pacific Ocean, our country, through its culture and its history remains to all of us our pride.

The hïmene rü’au will emphasize the critical link that can exist between man and his environment: land, sea, and sky. The message this song conveys is that we must take care of all these benefits.

The ‘ütë paripari highlights Fare ‘ute, formerly known as Fare ‘ura, a place where the Natiara group has gathered for many weeks to get ready for the Heiva i Tahiti. Fare ‘ura, the dear place where ties have been forged on the relational, emotional and cultural level.

May this Heiva be an occasion for weaving this bond, this link between man and his Mä’ohi culture. Together we braid this crown of compassion!