THEME: The queen Teriinui o Tahiti at Vaitareia

For this year, through its Tärava and its ru’au, the O Faa’a singing group wants to highlight another part of its Faa’a district.

This is the story of this small area that starts from Heiri and extends towards the sea at the tip Outu Ovini with the house of the Arioi de Tauaa and which goes towards Teroma without forgetting its mountain Mamanu as well as the basin of the queen, Teriinui o Tahiti Vaitareia. We do not omit the story of the great Piafau flowing towards the mouth of the twin warriors, To’a o Tane and To’a o Marama.

Formerly, the small town of Faa’a was named Pupu Toofa, where the king embedded his government which was nicknamed the land which receives with peace. The double canoes came to meet the king or to offer him presents. This part is called Tau vaa but commonly called today as Tauaa.

Today it is important to transmit their stories, legends to young people as well as to future generations, not exclusively through songs but by fully living their culture with people rich in knowledge and wisdom.