THEME : Faa’a, from the former district of Tefana i Ahura’i

The group O Faa’a takes us from Tipaerui to To’ata via the famous mountain of Taaretu, a symbol of the district of Tefana i Ahura’i, of which I constantly think. I am in Motu Tahiri, and I contemplate Oremu, symbolic place where the fish stone called Puna a’ahi a te ofeofe resides. The wind is blowing; the aito is rising. People of the land: rise! Time is no longer to remain silent.

Ava’avataiura, a small channel formerly followed by Na tii fa’ateni poura iti, the numerous water sources of Faa’a, such as Punaoa, Apa’aparaa’u. The hill Fanatea called the fish tail, Fanatea which also speaks of the queen Tetuanuivahine and the largest mountain of the municipality, Marau. Down below is Outuaraia, the place where the people gather. We will conclude our tour with the presentation of the point Outu Ovini called Motu Ovini, another gathering place.