Three generations after Tetunae, a baby girl was born in Farepua to whom the name of Hotutia was given. Hotutia was so beautiful that her fame reached Vari matau hoe’s ears, an arii from the royal marae of Vaearai at Raiatea and urged the latter to set about great preparations before traveling to Vaiari to conquer her.
But it happened that before he had finished his preparations for arrival gifts, as well as his large flotilla of canoes, another suitor, Te manu tunuu, an arii of Punaauia and cousin of Hotutia came to Vaiari to court the ravishing girl and won her as his wife.

Te manu tunuu decided to go himself to the Tuamotu to look for the well-known red feathers found on the islet of Faau (Niau) for the consecration of his heir. Followed by a large entourage and warriors, he sailed away hoping to return six months later.
After he had left, a large flotilla of canoes was spotted. As Hotutia was going to the royal press, « a royal visitor » was announced, the orators were called, and large ovens were prepared to receive him. It was Vari mato hoe arriving in great pomp. Days and nights went by, during which the love of Vari Matau hoe for Hotutia turned into madness. A year had elapsed, and Te manu tunuu was still absent. As the people have concluded that with their companions they were lost, Hotutia finally yielded to the suit of her suitor and heeded the love that she could no longer refuse.

However, their happiness did not last long, only a few moons.