THEME: Raiatea what is your story?

A long time ago, lived in Tahiti a warrior prince who was called Atea, he was respected by all for his courage and his valor.

Atea heard about Opoa’s queen, Ra’i, from Hava’i Island. Her family constantly boasted of her grace and elegance. One day, no longer able to wait, he decided to leave for the sacred island. As soon as he saw Ra’i, he fell deeply in love. The princess, not being insensible to the charms of Atea, rendered this love to him; they loved each other and became lovers.

A child would soon be born of this union. But Atea had to leave for Tahiti. He asked his beloved for a last wish: « If it’s a boy, you’ll call him Atea. If it’s a girl, you’ll call her Rainuiatea.  » He left, sad to leave behind him the love of his life and his future child.

A few months later, Rai gave birth to a girl and named her Rainuiatea. She had inherited the beauty of her mother. She was as brave and courageous as her Father. A great destiny awaited her. Arriving at the age of reason, she renamed her Hava’i Ra’iatea, Ra’i in memory of her mother and Atea in memory of her father she never knew.