It was the night. Cautiously, a group of people was coming forward, swimming and creeping silently into the dark night. They were palpating the ground and whispering when suddenly armed men and hostile curious women surrounded them. The chief of Long Land called out to them and demanded explanations.

The captain said that they were coming from the Red Country where drought and hunger had raged. They embarked on a canoe and confronted the storms that brought them here. He only asked for a piece of land to grow food. He proposed and begged them to accept gifts as proofs of their skills. They have only tools in their hands.

The arii of the island accepted their presence as servants, advising that a man of Long Land could marry a woman from the Red Country. But let the men of the Red Country take no women of Long Land as wives. Those from the Red Country agreed.

It was a boundless joy on both sides. The hair of the men in Long Land was short. The hair of the men in Red Country was long. Those of the Red Country endured the mockery and whims of the people Long Land. A young girl was astonished at the emotions she felt for a kind young servant. The servants had more than enough provocations and bullying. When the men of Long Land attempted to cut the blond hair of someone from the Red Country to craft a lagoon fishing lure, the war broke out. Indeed, a human’s head is sacred.

Short hair was more numerous, but idleness had made them weak. Long hair won the victory. They did not want to treat others as they have been mistreated because they would be the losers tomorrow. The two chiefs set out to share the work and the products obtained. The only battles would be those on the dance floor.

Before they decided to bury what caused trouble and dissensions, they first buried the symbols of pride, jealousy, contempt, and envy. Then they engaged in dance battles with humor. It was party time. They were but one people united towards the same goal.