One day, Roanu’u decided to go for a ride on the « Tefa’uroa » point, a mythical place to stroll along and meet the young people of Ūporu. Beautiful girls with crowns of pua on their heads were also present at Tefa’uroa.

Tehoho, a young woman of great beauty, was also at “Tefa’uroa.” Roanu’u then used all his charm to draw Tehoho into his arms, but alas to no avail. Roanu’u then returned to the valley of Tua’uru and told his story to his mother. But the latter immediately sent him back to Tefa’uroa to try again to lure Tehoho into his nets.
O great despair! Tehoho did not allow herself to be touched, for Roanu’u was not a handsome man.

Thereupon lady ’Ūtari asked Roanu’u to get a pohue climber and some maire ferns to craft his head crown, some breadfruit barks for his tapa loincloth, some tou foliage and a few pounded seeds of mati to obtain dyes and paint a leaf of uru on its tapa cloth.
She then massaged Roanu’u’s head to turn him into a handsome young man.

Roanu’u then returned to Tefa’uroa. Tehoho saw this good-looking young man. She exclaimed: « What a handsome young man! She approached him and began the conversation. They walked; they came closer and closer, fell into each other’s arms and bathed in the sea.

Tehoho was madly in love with Roanu’u; he was sure of it now. He then decided to give him a beautiful life lesson, showing her the difference between physical beauty and the beauty of the soul. She called, « Roanu’u, come back. I genuinely love you.” Roanu’u replied, « I will not come back. You hurt me a lot. You preferred physical beauty to that of the heart! «