Theme: The top of Teraiamano

The Teraiamano summit covered with red moss: this theme has words and actions that took place at the time of the ancestors and this is an important legacy of the posterity of Vaiuriri, the pride and joy of today’s elders.

This theme means the following:

The summit of Teraiamana, that is, Tetufera today, has a red moss that represents the taint of Ahuura at the time of the birth of the eel Faaravaianuu. He is the king; the hero of Lake Puraria now called Vaihiria. Near the lake, stands the mountain of Tetufera also called the fall of Ahuura.

The lake has become the home of the hero Faaravaianuu, the tuft of the hair, the navel of Vaihiria, a site very visited by tourist because it is of a great notoriety in Tahiti and in the world. These declarations have always guided the people of Vaiuriri in their traditions and their identity, so he is happy to sing them throughout Tahiti.