Here is the story of Kaimatua.

It is the child-eating man. His job was to get the kids meandering over the mountains. He would catch them, kill them, cook them in an oven and eat them.

He also seized the children of Tepa’itu his own brother and killed them. Tepa’itu realized what Kaimatua had done. He hunted him down and threw his spear, which reached him. Kaimatua jumped into the sea, and a shark devoured him. Tepa’itu sorrowfully buried his children in a cave.

Here the call from parents of that time. Watch over your children because you do not take care of them. Neglected, they wander the streets day and night.

Today, Kaimatua represents evil, issues and death. Watch over your children, do not wait until Kaimatua catches them and eats them.