Tamariki Poerani pays tribute to the women of our history! To those who dedicated and are still devoting their lives to the education of youth, the teaching of values and the passing on of knowledge!
Among them, Tematakaureka, a native of the island of Amanu, comes from a lineage of exceptional women including Te vahine pupu ma hinano, related to Rata by all accounts. She creates on the isle of Haoragi, formerly named Poerani, in the place known as Tehakoro, the Fare Tapairu of Mahina-te-ata-ka-Ruea, a school intended for the flagship of the youth of the eastern Tuamotus.
Some Matua Ruahine, tutors, were educating the daughters and sons of leaders to protocols, rituals, rhetoric, and practices related to marae, alliances, deities to facilitate alliances and prepare them for the exercise of power.
Once trained and when there weren’t any pretenders, girls and boys joined the Fare Ihi, Houses of the scholars, where boys would officiate as Tahu’a, and girls would become Ruahine tapairu, trainers in turn of Tapairu in other schools for girls.
Here is a four-parts show which will portray the artistic teachings of the one that was called « divine ancestor » on:
– The art of speech
– The art of adorning oneself
– Body control
– Mind mastery