The island of Takaroa and its identity Vahitu.

When created, the island used to be called Takapua te nuku rehia, not Takaroa. Four gods formed it. First, papa Heuea, god of the foundation who shakes Hawaiki the nucleus of the world. The second, papa Henua, the god who covers the base of the earth. Third papa Tukia, god of the lagoon and marine resources. The fourth papa Riri, the god who created nature and all that can grow on lands. These four gods created the earth, the island, with their divine forces. Subsequently, they gave birth to two significant people i.e. papa Vahitu, goddess of birth and Tupuranga te po.

Out of their love, two children were born, Takapua and Takaaro who forever have populated this land called Takapua Te Nukurehia.

I have a land. I have a language. I have a tradition. I am rooted with my ancestral land, and I know where I come from.