Theme: Welcoming


The native welcomes the native

Approach, and then have lunch to satiety and chat!

The native welcomes the foreigner to Tahiti

Formerly when the beamless foreigner boat docked

The native canoe approaches it

Many natives approach

One brings a banana sucker

The man with the long banana proclaims, summons

He throws the banana sucker into the sea

Peace symbol

The native then welcomes the foreigner on the boat without a support

Peace symbol

The native and the foreigner trade

The native welcomes the foreigner on earth

He welcomes him to his home, it is an honourable asylum

He grooms him and binds him

He satiates him and broods him, it’s a reception

The native is welcoming; this should not end

otherwise the native is no longer so welcoming

It no longer welcomes Polynesian

He welcomes the curious foreigner

All ma’ohi welcome identically

It shouldn’t be

The ancestral welcome must not stop

The original welcome must not stop.