THEME : Lost was my tongue and I punished, Found it is.

By giving this blessed land, the Fenua, as a legacy to his Polynesian children, Taaroa has also entrusted them with a magical part of his creative genius: the language, the language of our first ancestors.

Today we celebrate the language by which everything was named, and because everything was named, everything came to life in the memories of the First of us. Those we call our forefathers.

We celebrate it all the more because we were forbidden to do so, dragged from it and punished for speaking it.
It could not die. It was going to come alive again one day, but how many generations must have renounced it. To forsake it. For fear, too. Fear, you were denounced.
All this because another language has arrived. Books have come and on books was this other language. Another story but not my story.

Our language was the gift of Taaroa. It illuminated our first Universe. It had already named everything: the four natural elements, the Man, the Woman and the Child and the Family; Nature: its trees and flowers of beauty; The great Ocean and its thousand inhabitants. The breath of the wind, the celestial stars. The sun and the moon. Love, Death. Life.

How much we wept over our beautiful language? It was taken away from us, forbidden. Entire generations have been deprived of it, have lost it, have feared it: you were punished, punished and punished if you spoke it.

Tonight, we celebrate the newly found tongue as an Air of Liberty; like a key opening the sacred trove of our identity. The one that was lost stolen, the dance found it.

We celebrate it with dance and music, paying homage to the ancestors, to their infinite wisdom. They knew it would be found again.